But tell it straight…

Don’t sugar-coat it. If you are ending a relationship, tell it straight.

I’m telling you, you won’t do the person any good when you sugar-coat your “break-up statement.”

It is better for the other person to hear “Wala na tayo,” than a sugar-coated, bogus statement like, “It’s not yet the right time.”


What do you think would the other person assume about the “It’s not yet the right time?”

Of course, he or she would think to wait for the right time, thinking you are still in love with him or her, and that your only problem is the time. And the result?

That person won’t enjoy thorough healing. Unfair, isn’t it?

I experienced receiving such bogus statement. I saw my friends had the same experience from their past relationships. Thus, we seemed to hang on still to the persons who broke our heart. We got confused.

“Mahal pa rin niya ako pero kelangan naming mag-break?”

I’m telling you. There nothing more confusing than “I-love-you-but…” break-up statements.

Mahal kita but it’s not yet the right time.”

“Mahal kita kaso hindi pa ako ready.”

What?! Seriously, dude? Make up your mind! What do you think would the other person assume?

“Hindi pa right time? I’ll wait for the right time.”

“Hindi pa ready? I’ll wait for him (or her) to be ready.”

Such thoughts may run on a person’s mind when you give him or her bogus statement rather than telling it straight. Why? Because relationships are emotional attachment.

Emotional attachment is formed by words and actions. You are sending the wrong message of “I’m still attached to you but…”

Remember, you are breaking an emotional attachment. So cut it off! Don’t play with the other person’s heart by sugar-coating your statements! Walang way para ‘di siya masaktan kasi masasaktan talaga siya. The more you tried to “unhurt” him or her by sugar-coating your words, the deeper his or her wound would be. Mas paaasahin mo siya na may possibility na magkabalikan kayo, when in reality, wala naman pala. At kapag umasa siya sa “possibility” ninyong dalawa despite the break-up, mahihirapan siyang magmove on.

There is nothing more unfair than giving someone false hopes. Bakit ka magbibigay  ng hint that you still love him or her when in reality, you are moving on without him or her? Seriously, dude?

And one more thing. Never use God as an excuse.

“Mahal kita pero mas mahal ko si God. I need to obey God. Magbreak na tayo.”

What made you think na magkakaintindihan kayo by saying “God told me so?” Please, bakit ‘di mo sabihin ‘yung totoong dahilan? I’m sure there’s a lot more reasons of your break-up than “God told me so…”

God did not forced you into any relationship. So don’t use Him as an excuse.

“Wala na tayo. I’m releasing you. I have no business in your life anymore. Be healed and then, feel free to love someone else.”

Release the person. You are giving both of you a favor when you release each other. And when you released him or her, huwag mo ng landiin pa. Please. Give him or her the healing he or she deserves.


Just A Feeling

Just to breathe together under the same sky. I can’t wish for anything more.

I keep thinking about you. I just don’t want you to know about my feelings because I want to guard your heart. Yes, I have this certain admiration for you. But I wish (and I try hard to do so), we will be like what we are now.

I don’t know how deep our friendship is for you. One thing is certain: You see me as a friend.  I’m happy that we share our lives to each other.

I don’t want to overthink things. I don’t want to assume anything. I don’t want to lose you as a friend. You have been there since I started my college life. I want to guard your heart, even if sometimes, I really want to hope ending up with you. But I choose to refrain myself.

Let go, let God.

I don’t want to taint our friendship. I don’t want to see you as a potential lover. I want to see you as a friend, a brother. I want to fight for this beautiful friendship we have.

Honestly, sometimes I don’t admire you. What a stupid feeling I have. I can’t rely on this.

But I submit this feeling to God. God has the master plan for me, for you. I pray the best for you. After I graduate, I know I will see you less. I will start my career. I know you will be there as a friend. But still, I won’t assume anything. I won’t expect anything from you. I want you to live life to the full — a life dedicated to God, to love, to purity. I don’t want to hinder you from reaching your full potentials in God.

You are cool, kindhearted, manly.

“Because we can breathe the same air, it would be too much to ask for more.”

Faith, Hope and Love

Why do I believe in God?

Because the undeniable shrinks the unexplainable.

You never lived my life. You don’t know the things that has been done against me, nor the things I did against myself and the people I love. You don’t know the pain that I’ve been through.

The heartache, the pain, the insanely complicated situation were too much for me to bear. Too much heartache… Sobrang sakit. That I don’t know where I will be… Or what I would do now… If not for God.

If God’s love hadn’t saved me, I wouldn’t be here talking to you. Siguro, nagpakamatay na lang ako o sinira ko na lang ng tuluyan ang buhay ko o nagpakagago na lang ako. I apologize for the words. But I used them on purpose because those were really what I felt during the many lowest points of my life.

It took time before I was able to grasp His love. It took time before I was able to fully built my faith on Him. It took time before I saw how much I can trust Him because He holds the master plan. It took time before I was able to forget the past and accept that I can still change for better. It took time before I realized how much He values me that He will send me friends to cheer me up, comfort me and pray for me during those unbearable times. And I admit, even now, I’m still taking time.

I nearly gave up. I almost renounce my faith because I thought I couldn’t feel Him anymore. But He stayed, wrapped me in His arms, and never let me go. I saw His love through my spiritual family who never give up on loving me, encouraging me, helping me get up every time I fall and listening to the worst, worst, worst things I’ve done and has been done against me. I swear I was hardheaded and extremely stupid — pushing them away and never listening to the loving words they always, always, always whisper to my heart. I know only God can make those people love me like that. Only God can.

Yes, I can’t explain everything about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. But I can never ever deny His love.

Just like faith, hope and love. You can’t absolutely explain them but you can’t deny their existence.

Fun, fun, fun

Take a break. Have your summer internship in LAPR. Oh well, I sound like a PR staff in my first line. But read my article to know why. (laughs)

Normally, a break means a cup of coffee or tea, but here in LAPR (Larc&Asset PR Consultants), break is creatively done.

We veer away from the hassle of brain drain (yes, when you have a lot to do, your drain drains until you feel like you don’t have one at all) through OOTD, or the viral “outfit of the day” pictorial. Not just the interns, but also the employees. Such fun way to take a break and share fashion tips!


OOTD with our supervisor!

Blame the social networking sites for the pictures we have during internship. No, it’s not just the normal “let’s take a picture just for nothing” photos. We created memes! Oh yes, memes from our own faces which captured enough our supervisors’ attention to tell us, “Pwede na kayong gumawa ng memes para sa Jr. NBA teasers!” “Are we worthy of the compliment?” was the only answer we have in mind to that compliment.


Project Meme: The way interns do it!

LAPR is not just about work. Ma’am Tessa, president, always find ways to stimulate our creativity and teamwork. Just last week, we played Charades and “Pinoy Henyo” and ate tons of food Ma’am Tessa ordered for us. The best company on earth! Where else can you find fun in Pinoy Henyo and Charades with “Sawa sa Lumang Simboryo,” “Tuko sa Madre Cacao,” and “Aciete de Manzanilla” as words to guess? All courtesy of Ma’am Tessa! Blame it on the generation gap.


Together with Ma’am Tessa: the perky, pretty president!

When I first arrived at the company, I was staring at the front of the building. It does not seem to be an office at all! Just a cozy, little home. But I turned the door knob and found ladies inside – all who greeted me with “Intern?” I nodded and sat on the couch uncomfortably. When my other co-interns arrived, Ma’am Tessa oriented us. One of the best things in the company is we don’t need corporate attire (that’s a big yes for me!). A bigger yes is this: Ma’am Tessa said we would have meriendas courtesy of LAPR. And indeed we had!

I savored my first toasted siopao and seafood palabok, had my first conference call with a company, did my first corporate fieldwork and wrote my first article for publication in LAPR. Yes, all of them. I had doubts before about my potential in the corporate world – something like, “Am I smart enough in the real world? OMG. I think I can’t do anything corporate.” But experiencing the real corporate world redefined my way of thinking.

In the end, it’s not about the company. A lot of people had framed the word success with money – something I find deceiving. You can’t always get success from money. Success is when you achieved better than your previous self. It’s never too late to improve.

Thanks LAPR for giving me the best summer ever — and a better version of myself! 😉

Beat the Impossible

When I arrived at my fieldwork venue, he was the first thing I asked.

“Where’s Muggsy?” I whispered to my co-interns. One of them pointed him and I marveled at this guy dubbed as the shortest player ever to play in the NBA.

Standing only 5’3″, Muggsy Bogues defied the myth of height is might in basketball. Last April 26, I saw firsthand in UP gym how Muggsy trained the select players in National Training Camp of Jr. NBA Philippines. I was keenly observing him because first, it’s not an everyday phenomenon that I’ll see an NBA legend, and second, I want to observe how a legend became a legend.

Muggsy not only gave instructions to run, stretch, dribble and warm up; he, himself, went around the players and personally assisted them. Checking if the players do the stunts the right way, Muggsy corrects them with a pat in a back as if saying, “You can do that, dude!”

So, it’s not a surprise if the kids learned to love him.

Outside the court, I stood with the camera in my hand, busily taking pictures of the event for my task. During a break, he grabbed the basketball and shot it so fast that I wasn’t even able to grab the moment. Luckily, he did it again but I was able to capture only the dribble.

Looking at his size, I wondered how Bogues played point guard for four teams during his 14-season career in the National Basketball Association.  At age 48, he is now a retired American professional basketball player but with his agility and vigor, it doesn’t seem he retired at all.

I wasn’t able to personally interview Muggsy Bogues because I was there as a PR staff of Larc&Asset PR Consultants as part of my internship. LAPR agency handles the Jr. NBA which offers free and open youth basketball program to kids aged 10 to 14.

However, I guessed Muggsy Bogues left the Filipino kids a deeper legacy than training – to believe in yourself no matter what the odds are. As he said (according to media reports), “Visualize your goals, believe in yourself because if you don’t, you can’t expect the guy next to you to believe in you. Don’t be what you aren’t. Understand your limitations and play to your strengths.”

It’s not about the physical attributes; it’s all about confidence. Learn from the man who beat the impossible.

Muggsy Bogues dribbles a basketball in UP Gym (Sorry for the blurred shot. He's incredibly agile. ;) )

Muggsy Bogues dribbles a basketball in UP Gym (Sorry for the blurred shot. He’s incredibly agile. 😉 )

More than Paper and Pen

            I’m a journalism student but my internship is more than just writing articles. Yes, I wrote articles for the account I’m handling (which is 3M, by the way) in PR agency but PR is not just about publishing good articles for the clients.

            Highlights of my internship included a conference call with the marketing head of 3M on April 24. So, I was sitting with Ma’am Tessa and Ma’am Isah, jotting down notes and listening to their plans and proposed strategies. That was a moment I shall not forget. I was grasping the picture of how the relationship between a client and a PR agency works. Well, clients are definitely demanding. I think that is already given as their attribute. (laughs) Miss Nene, 3M’s marketing head, followed up the plans they have for April. We checked one by one all the accomplished PR strategies and gave an update of the ongoing activities. Looking at the list, I bet the whole process of PR is both stressing and fulfilling.

            I also captioned pictures for photo release from dental convention and made a “Did You Know” presentation about amazing products and technologies in 3M.  Captions are definitely easier to do than feature articles so I expected to enjoy thinking of short, witty captions. Unfortunately, the photos were very limited. My supervisor just gave six of them. I was a bit disappointed because I wasn’t able to choose better photos.

            Sometimes, I also handled other accounts. I did a sports blurb for Philippine Punishers, made a feature blurb for Rockwell Power Plant Mall, arranged files for TOFARM’s media mileage report, did a database for Jr. NBA media and went to two field works.

             I prefer writing as a form of expression but doing something else aside from writing fuels up my potentials as a person. Who knows? I may discover new talents and skills more than just writing.

Writing for PR

Getting a writing task seems easy until I stared blankly at my monitor to write my first ever article for internship. Well, a feature article about dental health should be fun to do given the necessary data. I gathered information from latest studies such as the 2013 Happiness Index of Eden Strategy Institute where Filipinos ranked the third happiest people in Asia. I also have a transcription of the interview done by my supervisor.

I just thought it was easy – but oh men! I really need to create a new twist on hygiene issues especially the dental ones. I have to inform the public about tips and benefits of good oral hygiene, and at the same time, the benefits of using the client’s products (I’m handling 3M Company which is a manufacturer of dental materials). I don’t really want to sound telling the public to buy 3M products the way advertising does. So, I was really having a hard time balancing out things.

This is PR. In one way or another, I need to communicate something good about our client. At first, everything seems weird and new to me because in journalism, everything is objective, as in really objective! (laughs) But here, I need to be biased to my client.

In the end, I was able to write an article. I felt writing something with real world problems such as balancing between the corporate duties and ethics. Of course, I cannot exaggerate things just to make my client look good. It calls a certain depth of wisdom to fulfill my tasks without compromising ethics.

Along the way, I learned how to do things right. I was able to write many other articles about 3M and their products. I submitted them to my supervisor who told me that my articles still need the approval of the client. If the client approves, then, the articles will be submitted to media agencies for publishing. The idea of a newspaper publishing my article thrilled me. However, it will not bear my name. That sounds depressing though.

As of now, my articles are still undergoing the “process.”  Well, I don’t mind waiting (and even if the article won’t be published). The experience was already pretty enough for me to learn different new things beyond classroom set-up.